Online PayPal casinos

You can deposit money and receive payments from your cashmoney-onlinecasino through your PayPal account. How does this arrangement work? Why should you use PayPal for your online casino transactions? If you are new to PayPal, and have never used this virtual wallet for gambling, please continue reading this article. PayPal works quite like Skrill and Neteller.

Opening a PayPal account

Opening a PayPal account is easy. On create your free account in just a few steps. We are assuming that your government has allowed to PayPal in your country. Once you have created your account, connect your bank account to it. Don't worry, no money shall be deducted. After you have done that, make a small transaction.

  1. PayPal is highly secure
  2. It was founded by Elon Musk of Tesla

To link your PayPal account with your online casino, go to Cashier section, and enter your email id linked to your PayPal. Now your money will be credited to your PayPal account by your casino. You can also make deposits using your newly created account. PayPal is one of the easiest payment options in online gambling.

Advantages of playing in PayPal casinos

There are many benefits of gambling in a PayPal casino, but the number one advantage is that the entire transaction process is quick and straightforward. No other payment payment option is as fast and smooth as PayPal. Your banking information is hidden by PayPal so there is no way someone can steal that data.

This e-wallet works with encryption technologies and is definitely safer than several payment methods. Use your PayPal to send and receive money from any approved casino in any part of the world. Just enter your registered email id, and your are set. The only limiting factor is that some casinos might not have PayPal as their preferred partner.

PayPal casinos and bonuses

Do you know that some online casinos reward their player for using PayPal? Yes, that's right. Look around and you will find several online gambling websites that actually prefer PayPal over other payment options. It makes sense for an online gambler to have a PayPal account then because you end up becoming richer!

Please take note that your bank might deduct some money when you transfer money from your PayPal to your normal account. Also, take a look at the payment threshold of your casino. You might have to earn enough in order that your casino makes a payment to your PayPal account. Your earnings are subject to tax laws.

Other bonuses from PayPal casinos

When you make your first deposit using a PayPal casino account, you might receive a Matching Deposit Bonus. This means that for every $1 that you deposit, you receive the same amount form your casino. Use this virtual money to bet on specified games in your casino. Please note this bonus is over and above than the one above.

  • Casino bonuses are bound by several terms and conditions.
  • Redeem your PayPal casino bonus with the Bonus Code.

Even if you do not make any deposit, you might still receive a bonus. This No Deposit Bonus is usually lesser than the Matching Deposit that we discussed above. There are other bonuses that you might receive from your online casino. High Roller bonuses target the high rollers, while VIP bonuses are for the VIP players.

Cons of using PayPal

No doubt that PayPal is easy to set up. But this payment system has some deficiencies. For example, some countries might not allow you to receive funds in your PayPal account if it is coming from some specific destinations. For example, The United States stops PayPal payments from casinos based in Africa and the Middle East.

That said, PayPal remains one of the most popular payment options in the online gambling world. It is easy to use, quick and very safe. Your payment information such as bank account number, credit and debit card details, etc. are always encrypted and these can't be seen by online hackers. Set up your PayPal casino account today.